Renegade Brochures

Renegade AG Brochure
AG Mechanical Spec Sheet
AG Hydraulic Spec Sheet

Renegade LXL Brochure
Renegade LX40 Brochure Spec Sheet
Renegade LXT40 (Extendable)
Renegade LX40C (Canada)
Renegade LXT40C
Renegade LXLN
Renegade LXN40 Spec Sheet
Renegade LXNT40
Magnitude Brochures
Magnitude 50 Brochure (en) (es)
Magnitude 50 Spec Sheet (en) (es)
Magnitude 51 Brochure  Spec Sheet
Magnitude 55H-FLD  Spec Sheet
Magnitude 55H-DSR  Spec Sheet
Magnitude 55L Plus  Spec Sheet
Magnitude 55H-MBMD
Magnitude 55H-MX Brochure (en) (es)
Magnitude 55H-MX Spec Sheet
Magnitude 60 Brochure  Spec Sheet
Magnitude 70 Brochure  Spec Sheet
Magnitude 90
Extendable Trailers
Xcalibur Extendable
Renegade LXT40 (Extendable)
Renegade LXT40C
Renegade LXNT40
Magnitude 55H-MX

Marathon Brochure Spec Sheet

Double Drop Trailers

Important Documents
Warranty Statement (en) (es)
Owner's Guide
Terms and Conditions

Deck Inserts
Hydraulic Spreaders
Fixed Spreaders
Flip Axles
Flip Necks
Video (wmv versions)
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Hydraulic Gooseneck Operation
Mechanical Gooseneck Operation
How to Shim a Modular Bogie
HES Spreader Operation
Xcalibur Extendable Operation
Velocity Extendable Operation